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What they said about us.....

"The robust installations are a good advert. A no-nonsence approach."

Tim Jenks
Senior Executive
Confederation of Aerial Industries

"This is a company that has been built up on a solid reputation.

I am fortunate that I know Woking Aerials work, his reputation goes before him. Any person employing Woking Aerials is assured of a job well done.

Again being able to see work close up shows that Alan provides a service which is to be envied.

The system viewed by me was very impressive...."

Chris Glover
Confederation of Aerial Industries

"This assessment was carried out as an NVQ assessment session.

I observed Alan, visit a domestic property, qualify the customer, fault find/diagnose the reception issue, and install a complete new aerial system.

This was done to an exceedingly high standard."

Kevin Dawson
Assessment & Training Executive
Confederation of Aerial Industries

Kevin has been the UK TV expert for ITV's 'House of Horrors' & BBC's 'Rogue Traders'

                   City & Guilds Qualified

Surrey County Council Trading Standards Approved

Sky 'Q'

Note: This ONLY applies to Sky 'Q'


As Sky move more and more of their customers over to Sky 'Q' we are beginning to see an increase in calls where either the Sky engineer cannot install the dish or dishes that have been installed are being affected by tree growth etc..


We will receive a call from the Sky customer requesting us to install the Sky 'Q' dish because Sky are unable to do so.




We will receive a call from the Sky customer stating that they are experiencing picture break-up due to tree growth in the 'line of sight' of the satellite and the dish needs moving.

So why can Sky not resolve these issues

Well from what we have been told by the Sky customers, it is down to Health and Safety issues and they have been advised by the Sky engineers to find a local installer.

Well the Facts Are:.

Any Health and Safety issues which affects the Sky engineer also affects us. HM Health and Safety Executive do not differentiate between a large company, the smaller companies or the 'one man' band.

All the Health and Safety Rules are the same for all parties no matter how big or small you are.

Before we start a job we need to do a 'Risk Assessment' then we need to write a 'Method Statement', once that is in place we can proceed with the work if we deem the job to be safe.


I see no reason why Sky cannot do the same, unless it is against Sky's own Company Policy.

So, can we help?

Most probably as we are fully trained for Working at Heights from Ladders, but we will need to attend site, do a 'Risk Assessment' and write a 'Method Statement', if everything is OK, you will be charged a minimum of £285.00 for the installation.


All materials will be charged as an additional extra.

We will NOT fit materials supplied by others.

If after completing a 'Risk Assessment' and 'Method Statement' we find the work to be of a 'high risk', we will decline the work and you will be charged £85.00 for our visit.

Why such a high charge?


Well if the Sky engineer deems the work to be unsafe due to Heath and Safety issues and can not do the work, then there must be a 'high risk' and you need to pay us danger money.

At the end of the day...........

We are only offered the difficult installations to install, we never get the installation which are lower than gutter height and easy.