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"The robust installations are a good advert. A no-nonsence approach."

Tim Jenks
Senior Executive
Confederation of Aerial Industries

"This is a company that has been built up on a solid reputation.

I am fortunate that I know Woking Aerials work, his reputation goes before him. Any person employing Woking Aerials is assured of a job well done.

Again being able to see work close up shows that Alan provides a service which is to be envied.

The system viewed by me was very impressive...."

Chris Glover
Confederation of Aerial Industries

"This assessment was carried out as an NVQ assessment session.

I observed Alan, visit a domestic property, qualify the customer, fault find/diagnose the reception issue, and install a complete new aerial system.

This was done to an exceedingly high standard."

Kevin Dawson
Assessment & Training Executive
Confederation of Aerial Industries

Kevin has been the UK TV expert for ITV's 'House of Horrors' & BBC's 'Rogue Traders'

                   City & Guilds Qualified

Surrey County Council Trading Standards Approved

Fake or Incomplete Advertising Addresses

What are they trying to hide?

Some while ago I noticed that there were many adverts for aerial and satellite installers in the media which supported a fake or incomplete address.


Well the only thing I can think of is, if you want to appear to the 'local consumer' as being a 'local company', it might be the only option apart from having premises to which the full Royal Mail address relates. That could not only be quite expensive, but in some cases absolutely impossible.

Impossible because the address displayed does not actually exist.

An Example

At 11:42 BST on the 3rd October 2012, I came across an advert on the internet with address details of a company which I believe does not exist 'locally' but also displays an address which does not collate with the Royal Mail database of UK addresses.

The address which the advert displays is:

20 Old Woking Road
Old Woking
GU22 9HU

Now being a local person born in Old Woking, I know that this address does not exist and I have double checked this with Royal Mail.

The Mistakes

1.    20 Old Woking Road does exist, but not in Old Woking. It is in West Byfleet opposite the parade of shops and next to Waitrose, see here.

2.    Therefore the postcode is also incorrect being as West Byfleet's post codes start with 'KT'.

3.    Number 20 Old Woking Road, West Byfleet is the premises of a Podiatry Clinic, see here.

4.    The Postcode GU22 9HU does exists, but the delivery address for this is Coniston Road, Old Woking,and not Old Woking Road, click here.

5.    The are no numbered properties in 'Old Woking Road, Old Woking' they are all house names.

6.    The even numbering in Old Woking Road finishes at 198 which is the property adjacent to the Maybury Inn, which as its name indicates, is in Maybury and not Old Woking.


Why would somebody advertise using a fake address? Maybe they just don't want to be found if their installation was to go faulty.

You can see the advert by clicking here. I have obscured some of the detail, I don't see the point of giving somebody free advertising on my website.

Advertising Standards Authority

Having found this form of advertising quite widespread within the aerial industry, (I don't know about other trades) I emailed the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) the following question:

‘If somebody advertises on Yell and uses a nonexistent address or an address from where they do not operate, would this be in breach of the ASA Codes?’

I received a reply:

Dear Alan

'Some marketers, especially those who advertise in local directories and offer ‘call-out’ services, list local trading addresses and local telephone numbers but their offices or trading premises are located in a different area.

The Advertising Codes state that ads should not mislead and the ASA has ruled against those who have exploited consumers’ wishes to deal with a local tradesman and have not included authentic address information.

Even if the addresses listed are serviced offices available for use by marketers or if the latter have employees or contractors in the areas covered by the directory, the ASA has concluded that ads that quote false local contact details misleadingly imply that marketers trade from the quoted addresses.

If you would like to make a complaint about an ad you have seen please complete our online complaints form or contact our Complaints team at the address or telephone number below'.

Kind regards
Debra Quantrill

Advertising Standards Authority
Mid City Place
71 High Holborn
London WC1V 6QT

My rights to anonymity removed

Looking at the ASA's Complaint Form I see that if I were to complain about another trader, my details would be revealed to the trader as the complainant, however, should a member of the public make a complaint, that person(s) details will remain anonymous to the trader.

I decided not to complain but to create this web page instead.

Woking Aerials is a 'local' business serving the needs of Woking and the surrounding community, we only have one telephone number, 01483 740188 and we are based between Woking Town Centre and St. John's Village.

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